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Learn about Wine

Learn about wine the fun and easy way. offers informal study programs or the opportunity for self-paced learning. Explore hundreds of articles, host a wine tasting party with our wine tasting kits, and test your wine knowledge with the weekly Challenge. Weekly Challenge Test your knowledge with this weekly quiz.

Wine Study Programs - Five easy, fun, and increasingly challenging self paced programs of study.

Explore on Your Own - If you prefer to explore on your own, use the navigation to the left and start your learning experience wherever you'd like. The site is organized into major categories that cover the world of wine.

10 Red Wines under $10
April 16, 2015 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Did you know that the average price paid for a bottle of wine in the United States is $6.30?  With the recent arsenic scare naming budget wine producers, m . . . keep reading

Food and Wine Pairing - No MagicFood and Wine Pairing - No Magic
February 26, 2015
Scour the web and you can find hundreds of articles about pairing various types of food with their perfect mate from the wine world. The reality is that while there are a lot of guidelines based on s . . . keep reading

New Year - New Wine Resolution!
January 15, 2015 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Sweating away at the local YMCA, and trying not to be annoyed by the massive influx of post New Year's exercise wanabees, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the wine industry if people pu . . . keep reading

Sparkler tips for the holidays
December 18, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
When I first joined the ranks of the Total Wine team several years ago, I was confused when fellow wine team members began to refer to "sparklers". Showing signs of my misspent youth, I imm . . . keep reading

Wine Drinkers Demographics - Do you fit in?
November 13, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Ever wonder how your wine drinking habits fit in with the “norm” whatever that is?  Here are a couple observations that might indicate if you a . . . keep reading

Featured Resources
Wine Tasting Kit - From where does this Pinot grow?
In this fun and engaging wine tasting, the focus will be on identifying where each of four Pinot Noirs hails from. Guests will have the advantage of knowing that each wine will be made from Pinot Noi . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting Kit - It's as easy as ABC
In this fun and engaging wine tasting, the focus will be on identifying what white varietal each of four wines is made from.  Guests will know that each wine will . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting Kit - The Mystery of the Whites
In this fun and “anyone can play” wine tasting, the goal is to match four wines with their grape variety, from a list of five grape varieties.  What's . . . keep reading


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