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Learn about Wine

Learn about wine the fun and easy way. offers informal study programs or the opportunity for self-paced learning. Explore hundreds of articles, host a wine tasting party with our wine tasting kits, and test your wine knowledge with the weekly Challenge. Weekly Challenge Test your knowledge with this weekly quiz.

Wine Study Programs - Five easy, fun, and increasingly challenging self paced programs of study.

Explore on Your Own - If you prefer to explore on your own, use the navigation to the left and start your learning experience wherever you'd like. The site is organized into major categories that cover the world of wine.

Off to the Loire!
August 22, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Next week I have the pleasure of beginning an eight day family tour of France's Loire Valley. Always eager to expand my wine experiences, I thought it only appropriate to research the area prior to o . . . keep reading

Muller Thurgau - The Elusive Family Tree (or Vine)
July 31, 2014
Even would be challenged by this German born white grape. Its birth in 1882 at the Geisenheim Institute in Germany is well documented, but this child was brought into the viticultural wo . . . keep reading

Wines without Power
July 9, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Well despite the title, this article is probably not what you think.  For the last five days, yours truly, has been roughing it in the wilds of Nova Scotia . . . keep reading

Ice in your wine- Really?Ice in your wine- Really?
June 26, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
When I started several years ago I pledged to focus on wine education for the aspiring wine enthusiast, and made a promise to myself to never be pompous or judgmental about anyone's wine . . . keep reading

Albarino - Summer fun
June 5, 2014
As the meteorological start to summer in the northern hemisphere fast approaches, what better time to add a light, bright and refreshing white to your quiver of wine arrows. Albarino is a prolific, d . . . keep reading

Featured Resources
Wine Tasting Kit - From where does this Pinot grow?
In this fun and engaging wine tasting, the focus will be on identifying where each of four Pinot Noirs hails from. Guests will have the advantage of knowing that each wine will be made from Pinot Noi . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting Kit - It's as easy as ABC
In this fun and engaging wine tasting, the focus will be on identifying what white varietal each of four wines is made from.  Guests will know that each wine will . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting Kit - The Mystery of the Whites
In this fun and “anyone can play” wine tasting, the goal is to match four wines with their grape variety, from a list of five grape varieties.  What's . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting Kit - The Prince and the Pauper
Our most popular wine tasting kit, the Prince and the Pauper is a themed wine tasting party where your guests are challenged to identify which wine in several pairs is the more expensive of the two. . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting Kit - Name that Red!
In this third and most difficult level of red grape variety identification, five single variety grape wines are tasted.  The wines are primarily indigenous varieties and are identified by t . . . keep reading


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