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Wine Study Program - Level 2 Vino da Tavola

"Table wine of Italy". In the second level Study Program, you will learn about the remaining International grape varieties ( Chenin Blanc, Riesling, and Semillon) in addition to Malbec and Sangiovese.  The sixth through the tenth largest wine producing countries will be introduced along with some of the major wine regions of the top five wine producing countries covered in Level 1.

To further you wine tasting knowledge you will learn about serving wine; serving temperature, breathing and decanting, and stemware.  As with every Study Program you are also invited to host you second wine tasting party - "The Mystery of the Whites". 

To help you keep track of your progress use the Study Program Level 2 Checklist.  The checklist is a PDF file that you print or use online to check off completed items.


Wine Tasting

Grape Varieties
Red Wines
White Wine
Wine Regions

The sixth through the tenth largest wine producing countries.

  • Australia - Bush, Bloke, Barbie and Bag in a Box?
  • South Africa - Beautiful, Growing, Ec0-friendly Viticulture
  • Chile - A Winegrowers Paradise
  • Portugal - Last Stop before the Sail
  • Germany - Precision in a Bottle

Major regions from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and the United States.

Wine Glossary

Level 2 - Vino da Tavola Glossary

Level 2 - Vino da Tavola Quiz

Test your understanding of the articles and courses in the Vino da Tavola Program of Study by taking this 30 question quiz

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