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Negroamaro - A trulli magnificent grape

Let's begin with the pronunciation – Nay grow ah MAH row, hanging on the MAH.  Negroamaro is a grape that is not only fun to say, but delicious to drink.  A somewhat lesser known grape variety from the Apulia region of Italy, Negroamaro has become increasingly popular in recent times as wine consumers look for big, fruit filled reds without the big price tag.  Negroamaro fits the bill.  Literally meaning “black bitter”, the precise etymology of Negroamaro is not really known.  Many speculate, that with the presence of the Greeks in Pulgia for centuries, a more likely origin is the concatenation of two words meaning black, Negro (Latin) and Maru (Greek) resulting in the blackest of the black.  Whatever its origins, Negroamaro is a very dark wine that for years was used as a blending wine to add color to wines from Northern Italy.  Only in the last several decades has Negroamaro emerged on its own – the result of a handful of local vintners focusing on producing high quality single variety wine.

Where is Negroamaro Grown?
Trulli cottages in Apulia
Trulli cottages in Apulia


Surrounding the trulli, small cottage like farmhouses with beehive shaped roofs, Negroamaro competes with Primitivo for the title of “King of Puglia”.  The Salice Salentino DOC, in the center of the Salento peninsula (think heel of the boot) is home to many Negroamaro producers.  The grape is well suited to Puglia's hot summers and Spartan rainfall.  

Producers to look for:  Agricola Vallone, Candido, Castello Monaci, Taurino


The Adelaide Hills region of South Australia provides a close replica of the growing conditions in Apulia and several winemakers are experimenting with Negroamaro.

Producers to look for:  Parish Hill Wines, By Jingo

United States

The wine has recently been introduced to the U.S. and is being grown at Chiarito Vineyards in Mendocino. The first vintage was the 2009, released in May of 2011 with only 130 cases produced.

Negroamaro Profile

Single variety Negroamaro wines are a deep purple in color, characterized as bold, intense and “weighty”. The fruit flavors are typically plum, cherry, and blackberry.  Occasionally the wine may exhibit earth notes or even medicinal flavors.  Negroamaro may be at its best when blended with Malvasia Nera, Sangiovese, or Montepulciano.  Blending with these varieties can add tannins, resulting in a wine with more structure and age worthiness.  This is a big wine, and should be paired with food that can hold its own.  Its biggest asset may be its price tag – delicious and affordable.











Black currant













Moderate acidity


Moderate to high Alcohol levels (13.5 – 15.5%)


Medium tannins, generally on the soft side






Negroamaro is a most affordable wine.


Most Negroamaro wines can be purchased for under $20.




To help understand your wine profile read Your Wine Profile.


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