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Touriga Franca
October 3, 2013
Although not as highly revered as its cousin Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca is nevertheless, one of the most important grape varieties in the Douro Valley in Portugal. Its origins are hazy and most experts agree that it is a fairly young grape variety, possibly spawned in the 1930s or 40s. . . . keep reading
Navarra - Running with the Bulls
October 2, 2013
Navarra - Running with the Bulls Navarra is a Denominación de Origen (D.O.) that includes most of the southern region of the autonomous community (province) of the same name. The capital city is Pamplona, world renown for the "running with the bulls". It looks more like running from the bulls, but if you drink enough Garnacha or Tempranillo (two of the region's fantastic red wines), maybe the beefy marathon sounds like a good idea. . . . keep reading
Rioja is perhaps the best known name in Spanish wine.  Steeped in history, Rioja dates from the eleventh century BC, however the push to fame began in the 1800s when phylloxera decimated the Bordeaux region of France and many of the great wine makers headed over the Pyrenees to set up shop in Rioja.  Rioja became the first DOC in Spain in 1970, and the first prestigious DOCa in the early 1990's. . . . keep reading
Toro - The next big thing?
Tucked into a small corner of the large autonomous state of Castile and León in northwest Spain, Toro is an ever-increasingly popular wine region within the Iberian country. . . . keep reading
Rías Baixas
Rías Baixas In the stunningly beautiful northwest corner of Spain, with deep river valleys, imposing granite peaks, and sheltered coastal inlets, Galicia sits as an autonomous community on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay. As the Miño River snakes its way southwest on this tip of the Iberian Peninsula, it carves out ridges perfect for grape cultivation. And as it forms the border with Portugal to the south, before it empties into the Atlantic, the DO of Rías Baixas begins in earnest. . . . keep reading
Sherry - Shakespeare's Favorite?
In the shadow of the Rock of Gibraltar, the Sherry region of Spain greets any ship making its way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Over the course of its long history, the region has gone by a number of names, contingent on the ethnicity of the person referring to the Southern Spanish area. Fans of delectable after dinner drinks and history buffs will surely enjoy reading about one of Spain's most storied wine regions. . . . keep reading
Priorat - the Tiny Gem of Catalonia
August 9,2012
Priorat - the Tiny Gem of Catalonia Taking a train to Spain in search of wines of fame?  If so, Priorat (Pree oh rah tow) should surely be a destination on your travels.  On the isthmus of the Iberian Peninsula in Northeast Spain, Priorat is situated close to the Mediterranean Sea and the vines planted there are certainly grateful for its influence. With the stunning Montsant Mountains as its backdrop, Priorat may be a hidden jewel within Spain. . . . keep reading
Catalonia - Cava and so much more!
Catalonia - Cava and so much more! Catalonia is the birthplace of Cava -- the Spanish version of Champagne. Invented in the 1870's at the Codorníu Winery, Cava is a blend of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada grapes made in the traditional Method Champenoise. Nearly 90% of the Cava from Spain is produced in Catalonia. . . . keep reading
Ribera del Duero - Where O is Ribera del Duero?
If you speak Spanish, you would know it is on the bank of the Duero, the river that has carved out valleys through the bedrock in Spain before making its way through the famous Portuguese wine regions of Douro and Port and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. One of the more well known of Spain's 67 wine regions, Ribera de Duero is home to some of the country's most sought after (and expensive) wines. . . . keep reading

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