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Sierra Foothills - There's wine in them thar hills
With one small discovery of a shiny piece of precious metal, the Sierra Nevada Mountains became a site of frenzied activity during the mid-19th century, as people from around the world came in hopes of quick fortune. The California Gold Rush brought countless prospectors looking for that one large chunk of metal that would relocate them to easy street for the rest of their earthly days. But instead of having their heads in the clouds, newcomers that had their feet on the ground and hands in the soil, may have made the better gamble. . . . keep reading
Paso Robles - Zinfandel and so much more
Paso Robles, named for its local oak trees, has for decades been known as a spiritual home for Zinfandel in California. Beginning in the 1850s Europeans settling in Paso Robles brought the first cuttings of Zinfandel from Europe. In the late 1870's Andrew Jackson York began planting Zinfandel on his farm with such success that in 1892, he established Ascension Winery, later renamed York Mountain Winery. . . . keep reading
Dry Creek Valley - Anything But
Dry Creek Valley - Anything But Contrary to its name, the Dry Creek is hardly ever dry. Even in the height of summer's heat, it burbles and splashes its way southeast from its headwaters in Mendocino County, through the Warm Springs Dam, and finally merges with the Russian River in the small, wine-drenched city of Healdsburg. . . . keep reading
California's - North Coast - The Uber AVA
Stretching from the Oregon border to the San Francisco Bay, the North Coast Region in California is the largest American V . . . keep reading
Surfing The Wine Wave of the Sonoma Coast
  Located in the northwest corner of California, the Sonoma Coast American Viticultural Area (AVA) contains over 500,000 acres that spread a . . . keep reading
Mendocino - California's Organic Wine Mecca
Mendocino - California's Organic Wine Mecca "Mendocino, where life is such a groove, you blow your mind in the morning. We used to walk through the park, make love along the way in Mendocino"; This song from Sir Douglas Quintet sums up the easy-going vibe of this highly organic wine grape growing region where nearly 25% of the vineyards are farmed organically, causing journalists to call it "California's organic wine mecca". . . . keep reading
Sonoma Valley - Valley of the Moons
According to legend, Native Americans called Sonoma Valley "Valley of the Moon" because the moon appears to rise several times a night behind the surrounding hills.  The Sonoma Valley is known as the birthplace of . . . keep reading
The Carneros, which means “the Ram,” in Spanish is the first American appellation to be defined by climate instead of political boundaries or soil type (it received its AVA status in 1983). . . . keep reading
South Coast
Southern Hospitality -- California Style California's South Coast AVA stretches from the sun, surf and celebrity drenched city of Malibu (located just north of The City of Los Angeles) in the north to Ramona Valley (located just south of the city of San Diego) in the south. This large AVA was established in 1985 and encompasses 115,200 acres. . . . keep reading
Edna Valley
I live in San Francisco and you live in Los Angeles – let's meet in the middle. Edna Valley, here we come! The Edna Valley AVA sits in the southern part of California, halfway between the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. It loca . . . keep reading
The Santa Ynez Valley
Difficult To Say, Easy to Love… The Santa Ynez  [SAN-tuh ee-NAZ] Valley AVA is located in the middle of Santa Barbara County, north of the city of Santa Barbara. This picturesque valley, full of gently rolling, vineyard-strip . . . keep reading
The Napa Valley
“The World's Best Wine and Food Destination.” Almost 4.5 million people visit the Napa Valley in Northern California each year making it a very popular tourist destination (Disneyland ranks #1, with over 14 million annual . . . keep reading
California Dreamin
Three-quarters the size of France, California accounts for nearly ninety percent of all wine produced in The United States. In fact, if California were a separate country, it would be the fourth largest wine producing country in the world! A . . . keep reading
Alexander Valley
The brightest and best spot in the world When Cyrus Alexander, a failed fur trader that lived during the mid 1800's, first laid eyes  on the valley that would later be named for him, he called it “the brightest and best . . . keep reading
Chalk Hill
There's No Chalk In Chalk Hill! The area takes its name from the "chalky" white soils of the region. However the soils themselves do not contain any chalk but are composed of a mixture of quartzite, volcanic ash, sand and silty loam. Nea . . . keep reading
Central Coast
California's Central Coast – A Wine-Lover's Road Trip Down US 101! The Central Coast AVA is the largest in California, with several sub-appellations inside its boundaries. It stretches approximately 250 miles along the western edge . . . keep reading
Anderson Valley
Good Drinking! There is a lot of “Bahl Hornin” going on in the Anderson Valley. This is a phrase you may hear in the small town of Booneville, which sits towards the southeastern end of the Anderson Valley. The early resident . . . keep reading
Howell Mountain
Napa Valley's “Mount Olympus” of Grape Growing – Vines Above the Fog The Howell Mountain AVA is a sub-appellation the Napa Valley AVA. It is located about 70 miles north of the city of San Francisco, on the northeast si . . . keep reading
Russian River Valley
The Russian River Valley is named for the first non-natives (Russians) that settled in Sonoma County. These intrepid settlers, who lived at Fort Ross on the northern Sonoma coast from 1812 to 1841, found Fort Ross to be the perfect spot to hunt sea otters for their furs and to provide food and staples for the Russian colonies in Alaska. The fertile soils of the nearby Russian River Valley were (and still are!) well suited for agriculture and viticulture. . . . keep reading

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