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Bush, Bloke, Barbie and Bag in a Box?

Yes that’s right, Australia is the original home of box wine.  Patented in 1965 by Thomas Angove, Australia has made many marks on the evolution of winemaking on its way to becoming one of the leading wine producing countries in the world.  Australia is the largest exporter of New World countries exporting more wine than is consumed in the country each year.  Read More . . .

 Explore the key wine regions of Australia below.

Tasmania - Land of Wonder and Wine
Having travelled to Australia's beautiful island state some years ago I was pleasantly surprised when I recently read an article about Tasmania's burgeoning wine industry. Tasmania, for those who need . . . keep reading
Western Australia
Western Australia Covering the entire western third of the continent of Australia, Western Australia or "WA" as it is referred to, is the largest state in the country. Yet, Western Australia is a land of contrasts with the southwest corner enjoying a climate similar to Bordeaux. It's no surprise then that some seriously good wine comes from these parts. . . . keep reading
Riverland is named after the Murray River, which goes right through the region as it winds its way through more than 375 miles of South Australia. It is located in the central eastern part of South Au . . . keep reading
Heathcote - "We have struck Paradise" - Henning Rathjen, 1858
"We have struck Paradise" - Henning Rathjen, 1858 . . . keep reading
The Yarra Valley - A Phoenix rising from the ashes
The Yarra Valley is located in Victoria (southeast Australia). It is named after the Yarra River, which flows through it. The Yarra River originates about fifty-six miles east of the city of Melbourne . . . keep reading
Coonawarra is located in southeast Australia, about 236 miles southeast of the city of Adelaide, close to the border of Victoria.  THERE are two main towns in the region – Coonawarra and Pe . . . keep reading
The Hunter Valley
The Hunter Valley is located in New South Wales (south east Australia) and spans an area from approximately 75 to 193 miles north of Sydney. It is a major tourist destination in New South Wales and th . . . keep reading
The Clare Valley
The Clare Valley is located in the mid north of south Australia, about seventy-five miles north of Adelaide and one hour's drive west of the Barossa Valley. It is one of Australia's oldest wine region . . . keep reading
Margaret River
The Margaret River Wine Region (named after the Margaret River, which flows through it) is located in southwest Australia, about six miles inland from . . . keep reading

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