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Wine Profile

Wine Profile

The articles below help you better understand and identify the style and aromas you enjoy most in wine.

Understanding your Wine Profile
There is perhaps nothing more important in your wine education than learning to understand and refine your wine profile. A wine profile is simply a means of articulating the style of a wine you like. . . . keep reading
Wine Tasting - Big Bold and Bodacious Reds
In the article "Do Try this at Home" we introduced the concept of expanding your choices in wines through exploration of alternate grape varieties that you might enjoy based on your wine profile. This type of exploration can be fun for the adventuresome, and you may be rewarded with the discovery of a less expensive new favorite. The world offers thousands of grape varieties and hundreds of thousands of wines - why get stuck in a rut! . . . keep reading
DO Try this at home
Wine shop owners often lament that getting consumers to reach beyond their comfort zone and try some very good wines can be very challenging. Let's face it -- most people when they find a wine they enjoy buy it again and again. After all, why try something different? . . . keep reading

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