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Explore the key wine regions in the United States outside of California below.

Columbia Gorge - Room with a view
October 9, 2013
Located within the first National Scenic Area of the United States, the Columbia Gorge consists of 80 miles of the canyon carved out by the Columbia River. The raw beauty of the area prompted the special designation by the USDA's Forrest Service in 1986. The geological events which occurred 12,000 to 20,000 years ago have created the picturesque Columbia Gorge and left an incredibly unique place to grow grapes. And what goes better with a stunning view than a glass of wine? . . . keep reading
Yakima Valley AVA
Established in 1983, the Yakima Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) is the first AVA established within the state. Located in south central Washington the AVA runs from the shadow of Mount Adams in the Cascade Mountains eastward, following the Yakima River on its trek to the Columbia River. Yakima Valley's 45 plus wineries and 12,000 acres of vineyards make the region the oldest and most diverse, attributes reflected in its wines. . . . keep reading
Willamette Valley
Where in the world is the Willamette Valley? If you said at the end of the Oregon Trail, you may have been a fan of the 1974 game intended to teach school kids about life on the pioneerin . . . keep reading
Long Island - A Fork in the road
Long Island - A Fork in the road Formed by the Wisconsin glaciation bulldozer over 21,000 years ago, Long Island is a 120 mile strip of land that runs eastward from New York City into the Atlantic Ocean. Long Island is the largest island in the United States, and home to over 7.5 million people. Beginning in the mid 1970's, parcels of the rich agricultural lands of the eastern reaches of the island were transitioned from growing vegetables and apples to grapes. Today there are over 4,000 acres of vineyards that support nearly 60 wineries. . . . keep reading
Virginia is for (wine) lovers
Virginia is for (wine) lovers Virginia has a long history of wine making -- until recently, most of it singularly unsuccessful. As early as 1607, the Jamestown settlers tried their hand at growing grapes and producing wine. Act 12, passed by the Jamestown Colony in 1619, required each male settler to plant and tend 10 vines. Regardless of the government decree, the result was inevitable. The warm humid climate fostered every wine destroying mold, fungus, and louse -- yes phylloxera. The result -- the vines became disease ridden as quickly as they were planted. Even the venerable Thomas Jefferson brought his considerable knowledge of the Noble European Vitis Vinifera to the gardens of Monticello. Thirty years of trying and not a single bottle of wine produced. So why all of the current success? . . . keep reading
Pennsylvania - Long live the hybrid
Known for the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin, and Philadelphia Flyers, Pennsylvania is also home to over one hundred wineries. With over 14,000 acres of vineyards, Pennsylvania ranks 7th in wine production in the United States and fourth in grape acreage. The State is home to five AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) and has an active educational and tourism promotion thought its twelve regional wine trails. . . . keep reading
Oregon - Land of Vines and Marionberries?
If you know that Marionberries are grown in Oregon you must enjoy your fruit. If so, you are probably aware that Oregon produces a number of delicious fruits, including grapes used in fine wine produc . . . keep reading
Southern Oregon
The State of Southern Oregon? Yes, at one point in history there actually was a contingent that wanted to create a separate U.S. state, formed by Southern Oregon and Northern California. Travelers that have stood in awe in the shadow of the redwoods or witnessed the rugged coastline along the Pacific Ocean may understand the reason. The isolation created by nature results in a different culture and atmosphere than other parts of the west coast states. That uniqueness is also apparent in the wines. . . . keep reading
New York, New York
The infamous purchase of Manhattan by the Dutch colony's Director-General of New Netherland, Peter Minuit, for beads, hatchets, cloth and other sundries equivalent to approximately $70 today may have been the purchase of the century. I'm not sure you could get a cab ride from one tip to the other for that now. And while many immediately think of skyscrapers and lady liberty when New York is mentioned, the wines away from New York City are drawing attention as well. . . . keep reading
Washington - Far from Politics
Grapes in Washington? If you are thinking of the District of Columbia, grapes do not grow so well in the shadow of the Washington monument. Yet, in the Pacific Northwest grapes have been doing quite well in the state of Washington. In fact, Washington has become the second largest US producer of wine in the past 20 years; a statistic that should clear up any confusion between the two Washingtons. . . . keep reading

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