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  1. The Best Wines to Drink with Pizza
    Pairing wine with pizza can be challenging, largely because "pizza" is far from a homogeneous population. On the contrary, pizza can range from a rich thick crusted tomato based pepperoni and cheese laden pie to Hawaiian pizza, with white sauce, ham and pineapple. So to recommend what wine to have with pizza requires a bit more investigation. . . . keep reading

  2. South Africa - The Nelson Mandela Legacy
    With the passing this week of anti-Apartheid revolutionary turned President Nelson Mandela, tributes abound talking to the strength and courage of thi . . . keep reading

  3. Wine Tasting Kit - The Mystery of the Whites
    In this fun and “anyone can play” wine tasting, the goal is to match four wines with their grape variety, from a list of five grape variet . . . keep reading

  4. 7 Basic Food and Wine Pairing Guidelines
    There is considerable debate in the wine world about how best to pair different foods and wines, even to the point of - "Does it really matter?". Most people know the "red with beef, white with chicken" rule, but like so many things in the world of wine, food and wine pairings are a matter of individual taste - and there are no rights or wrongs. Despite the individual nature of pairings, there are combinations that to most people, taste better. . . . keep reading

  5. 10 Red Wines under $10
    Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
    Did you know that the average price paid for a bottle of wine in the United States is $6.30?  With the recent arsenic scare naming budget wine pr . . . keep reading

  6. Cabernet Sauvignon - The King of the Wine World?
    Cabernet Sauvignon whether in the eyes of critics, economic contribution, reputation, or viticultural awards, has become the world's most well-known g . . . keep reading

  7. Bordeaux - Best in the World?
    Land of beautiful Chateaux, meandering rivers, and fine wine, Bordeaux is steeped in viticultural history. Wine making began in Bordeaux in the first century AD. Surviving wars, and a bout with Phylloxera in the late 1800's, Bordeaux remains at the top of anyone's list of best known, highest priced wines in the world. . . . keep reading

  8. Chile - Wine maker's paradise?
    Few countries possess the combination of climate, grape growing expertise, business support, and trade favorable infrastructure, that exists i . . . keep reading

  9. Navigating the Wine List
    If armed with a little bit of knowledge, reviewing a wine list and ordering wine at a restaurant can be a lot of fun.  Unfortunately for too many . . . keep reading

  10. Wine Tasting Kit - It's as easy as ABC
    In this fun and engaging wine tasting, the focus will be on identifying what white varietal each of four wines is made from.  Guests will know th . . . keep reading

  11. Montepulciano - The Twig Wine
    Is Montepulciano a city, a grape variety, or a well-known Sangiovese wine? Well the answer is yes. Montepulciano is a red grape variety widely planted throughout central Italy, second in red grape plantings only to the ubiquitous Sangiovese. The grape variety is often confused with the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a famous Sangiovese based wine, produced in an area south of the village of Montepulciano in the province of Siena in southern Tuscany. See why all the confusion over this grape variety? . . . keep reading

  12. Wine Tasting Kit - The Prince and the Pauper
    Our most popular wine tasting kit, the Prince and the Pauper is a themed wine tasting party where your guests are challenged to identify which wine in several pairs is the more expensive of the two. . . . keep reading

  13. Wine Tasting - Big Bold and Bodacious Reds
    In the article "Do Try this at Home" we introduced the concept of expanding your choices in wines through exploration of alternate grape varieties that you might enjoy based on your wine profile. This type of exploration can be fun for the adventuresome, and you may be rewarded with the discovery of a less expensive new favorite. The world offers thousands of grape varieties and hundreds of thousands of wines - why get stuck in a rut! . . . keep reading

  14. Viura - A Grape of Many Names
    Viura, perhaps better known as Macabeo (mah kah bay oh) is a white grape grown widely in the Rioja region of Spain.  The grape however is also known as Macabeu, Makkobeo, Viuna, Blanca de Daroca, Charas Blanc and nearly twenty other names. . . . keep reading

  15. Wine Labels from Germany
    When encountering a German label it may seem necessary to refer to more than just a translation book. Indeed, an encyclopedia, atlas, and even a compass might help. The amount of information on a German wine label is the first intimidating aspect to understanding what is in the bottle, leaving consumers asking, where to begin? . . . keep reading

  16. New Year - New Wine Resolution!
    Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
    Sweating away at the local YMCA, and trying not to be annoyed by the massive influx of post New Year's exercise wanabees, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the wine industry if people put as much emphasis on trying a new or different wine in the new year as they do on getting healthy. Most likely the outcome would be the same. As the attendant scanning membership cards summed it up, "just wait four or five weeks, they'll all be gone". . . . keep reading

  17. Wine Labels from Portugal
    For many wine enthusiasts, Portugal remains a bit of an enigma. Recognized for its unique and often imitated fortified wines (Madeira and Port), the Iberian country's table wines suffer a certain amount of inattention from the general public despite its varied assortment of delightful wines. Part of that disregard may be due to the character of Portugal and its wines. One of the smaller countries in Europe with a language that is only spoken in a handful of other countries, combined with the predominant use of native grapes, makes some consumers scratch their heads rather than please their palate. . . . keep reading

  18. Wine Tasting Kit - From where does this Pinot grow?
    In this fun and engaging wine tasting, the focus will be on identifying where each of four Pinot Noirs hails from. Guests will have the advantage of knowing that each wine will be made from Pinot Noir but will be given six different wine regions where Pinot Noir is produced to choose from. With four wines being poured, it will not be a simple process of elimination! . . . keep reading

  19. Ice in your wine- Really?
    Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
    When I started several years ago I pledged to focus on wine education for the aspiring wine enthusiast, and made a promise to myself to never be pompous or judgmental about anyone's wine drinking habits or level of wine knowledge. For two years I have been true to this pledge, and frankly it's easy. Sharing knowledge and learning from others about any aspect of wine is a passion for me, and a source of seemingly perpetual enjoyment. But today, I just can't help myself, just this once I'm going to sound a little opinionated, and the subject is putting ice cubes in wine. . . . keep reading

  20. Tasting Terminology -- Sound like a Pro!
    May 11, 2012
    Ever want to sound like a pro, when you taste a wine? Well it's dangerous if you don't know what you are talking about, however, the vocabulary is hardly as complex as the Physician Desk Reference. . . . keep reading

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