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Home | Food and Wine Pairing
Food and Wine Pairing

Pairing food and wine is a road of experimentation.  There are a few basic guidelines and a bit of chemistry that can help you navigate through your choices.  Below are some of our most popular articles on pairing food with wine.

Food and Wine Pairing - No Magic
Food and Wine Pairing - No Magic Scour the web and you can find hundreds of articles about pairing various types of food with their perfect mate from the wine world. The reality is that while there are a lot of guidelines based on science, it all comes down to personal preference. It's no different than the food world. My brother used to eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches, I had an aunt that would always have cucumbers with vanilla ice cream, and who hasn't heard of such common food pairings as apple pie and cheddar cheese, pretzels and ice cream, and pizza and ranch dressing? . . . keep reading
The Challenge of Asian Food and Wine Pairing
October 1, 2013 Michael Cavanagh - Contributing Editor
The Challenge of Asian Food and Wine Pairing Asian cuisine, while incredibly vibrant and delicious, can often pose problems on the dinner table in regards to picking a wine to accompany it. The various spices native to the Far East can challenge the components of an array of wines, especially tannins and alcohol. . . . keep reading
5 Simple Rules for Pairing Wine with Cheese
Brian Gurnham, Chief Cork Officer
5 Simple Rules for Pairing Wine with Cheese Cheese, crackers and wine - sound familiar? What better starter before a meal than a little of your favorite cheese and a glass of wine. But how often do you put thought into which wine goes best with which cheese? There are over 500 different varieties of cheeses recognized by the International Dairy Federation, and easily 50,000 different wines produced, ignoring different vintages. This produces a staggering 25 million potential pairings - yikes! . . . keep reading
Wines and Seafood
August 1, 2013
While there is always a good time to enjoy fresh seafood, summer seems like the perfect season to enjoy the bounty of the ocean. Warm nights invite us outside to dine in the seemingly endless light of summer evenings. And with temperatures pushing the mercury upwards, lighter fare is usually on the menu. . . . keep reading
Perfect Picnic Wines
July 18, 2013
Perfect Picnic Wines As many of us are suffering through the hottest weeks of the year, what better time to look at wines that pair well with your plans for a picnic getaway to that special, and hopefully cooler, place. . . . keep reading
Seven best wines to quaff at a Barbecue
May 28, 2013
With summer heat at our doorstep, it's a good time to take a look at one specific aspect of food and wine pairings, the American institution that is the barbecue. OK, I know barbecue actually has its roots in the Caribbean, and many people would prefer a beer or margarita with their barbecue, but humor me here. . . . keep reading
The Best Wines to Drink with Pizza
The Best Wines to Drink with Pizza Pairing wine with pizza can be challenging, largely because "pizza" is far from a homogeneous population. On the contrary, pizza can range from a rich thick crusted tomato based pepperoni and cheese laden pie to Hawaiian pizza, with white sauce, ham and pineapple. So to recommend what wine to have with pizza requires a bit more investigation. . . . keep reading

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