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White Varieties continued

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Semillon - Easy come, easy go
Semillon - Easy come, easy goPerhaps no other grape variety has had such a dramatic swing in popularity as Semillon. In the eighteen hundreds, Semillon was the most widely planted white grape variety in the world! . . . keep reading

Verdicchio - The Elusive One
It seems that the white grape has been eluding wine lovers in plain sight. Since the Middle Ages, Verdicchio has thrived in the Italian sun amidst the . . . keep reading

This aromatic white varietal lives life like many of us would want to, along the Mediterranean coastlines of France and Italy, as well as the islands . . . keep reading

Viura - A Grape of Many Names
Viura - A Grape of Many NamesViura, perhaps better known as Macabeo (mah kah bay oh) is a white grape grown widely in the Rioja region of Spain.  The grape however is also known as Macabeu, Makkobeo, Viuna, Blanca de Daroca, Charas Blanc and nearly twenty other names. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 17 thru 20 of 20 Found BACK 

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