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Wine Tasting 101 continued

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What is that taste? Part 3
July 8, 2013
What is that taste?  Part 3In this third and final segment of "What is that taste?" we tackle what is by far the most challenging aspect to wine tasting -- aromas. Unlike tasting components that clearly affect how your mouth feels or are easily identified elements like sugar, aromas are significantly more numerous and complex. . . . keep reading

What is that taste? Part 2
In this second of the series on how to educate your wine tasting palate we examine two additional components of wine -- alcohol and sugar. The two are inextricably intertwined as it is the sugar in grapes that undergoes the process of fermentation -- the conversion of sugar to alcohol in the presence of yeast. What remains in the finished wine are both. It is the amount of each that can make such a significant difference in the taste of a wine. . . . keep reading

What is that taste? Part 1
June 18, 2013
People I share wine with often say, "I can't tell the difference, it just tastes like wine". Well the differences in some wines can be subtle, especially when comparing wines of the same grape variety from the same region. There are, however, ways to educate or train your palate to recognize the combination of mouth feels and aromas that comprise the "taste" of a wine. . . . keep reading

There's a (wine) App for that!
Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Having finally embraced the Apple ecosystem late last year, I thought it would make sense to use my trusty iPad to track my wine collection. Mind you my "collection" hardly warrants mention in the top 10 wine cellars in the United States, but nonetheless I do manage to keep about 20 cases of wine on any given day, just enough to be able to lose track of exactly what I have. . . . keep reading

So what exactly is terroir anyway?
May 20, 2013
What is this term that is so widely used in the wine world that a book entitled Terroir: The Role of Geology, Climate, and Culture in the Making of French Wines, commands a price tag of $450? . . . keep reading

Rosé - The perfect Spring Wine?
If you're as old as I am the mere mention of Rosé wine conjures up memories of those funky shaped bottles that seemingly everyone used as a candle holder. Mateus, that aboriginal Rosé wine, is still believe it or not, one of the world's most successful wines with over 2 million cases produced and distributed around the world. Set aside these memories and fast forward to 2013. . . . keep reading

Is a $100 bottle of wine really worth it?
Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Is a $100 bottle of wine really worth it?Surrounded by dozens of wines in the climate controlled lock box at the wine store where I sometimes work I often get the question, "Is a $100 bottle of wine really worth it?" . . . keep reading

Wine temperature - Five simple rules
Wine temperature - Five simple rules There is a lot of talk about the correct temperature to serve wine. And yes, it does matter. Without getting too complicated, the basic reason that the temperature at which a wine is served matters is that the higher the temperature, the greater the amount of the liquid . . . keep reading

This Wine gives me a headache!
Brian Gurnham, Chief Cork Officer
This Wine gives me a headache!Let me state at the outset that I am not a physician, nor have I ever played one on television, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. I do however, on a regular basis, hear customers expound on how and why various wines give them a headache. We're not talking about the hangover headache caused by dehydration, but rather the headache that arrives on the scene soon after quaffing the first few sips of a favorite wine, or more likely the next morning. Given the wide array of purported causes, I thought it would be worth a little research into this sensitive topic. I was frankly somewhat surprised at what I found. . . . keep reading

Organic Wines - The Truth is on the Label
Organic Wines - The Truth is on the LabelThere is a regular parade of health conscious consumers coming into the wine store where I work part time asking for "organic wines". The reasons that people are looking for organic wines vary, but the most common are a desire to dodge added chemicals, avoid sulfite induced headaches (more on that in a later article), or just a general commitment to be earth friendly. Before any of these reasons can be realized, consumers need to be armed with a few facts. I tell my customers regularly, the word "organic" appearing on a wine label can mean many different things depending on exactly what is stated, where the term appears on the label, and even the presence of overzealous marketing. . . . keep reading

The 7 most frequently asked questions in the wine shop
Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Working part time in one of the largest wine stores in the US, I've had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of eager wine consumers running the gamut from vintage veterans to outright newbies. It's fun to help all with their wine education, and to learn from some of the accomplished oenophiles as well. My interactions range from frustrating to outright riotous laughter, to extended conversations. You quickly learn that most conversations with consumers start with a limited set of questions. So without further ado, here is my unscientific ranking of the top 7 questions asked by consumers scouring the aisles of 40,000 square feet of wine. . . . keep reading

Stuck in a Chardonnay Rut?
My recent experience working at one of the country's largest wine retailers has left me wondering how so many people can drink the same wine, day in and day out. "I'd like a case of the Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay please", the sixty something couple asks on their monthly recurrent visit. Twenty aisles, eight thousand wines, and over seven hundred different Chardonnay wines and you would think this couple was having an affair if they so much as glanced at another label. . . . keep reading

Understanding your Wine Profile
There is perhaps nothing more important in your wine education than learning to understand and refine your wine profile. A wine profile is simply a means of articulating the style of a wine you like. . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting 101
The fine art of wine tasting has been around almost as long as people have been making wine. After all, why make wine if you're not going to taste it! Over the centuries, wine tasting has evolved from a basic determination if a wine was drinkable, to a more sophisticated multi-faceted classification and rating system. Today wine reviews abound, and wine professionals can devote hours to official tastings and determining whether a wine should get 89 points or 88 points. . . . keep reading

Valentine's Day - Chocolate and Wine?
Valentine's Day - Chocolate and Wine?There are those in the wine world that will tell you that wine and chocolate make the most wonderful food and wine pairing known to mankind, and others that will tell you to run from the combination. The reality is that pairing chocolate with wine can be done, but it is not an easy match, and will likely require considerable experimentation - oh darn. . . . keep reading

Hosting your first wine tasting party?
In my humble opinion there are few gatherings of friends that consistently produce more fun than hosting a wine tasting party. The combinations of a common interest, education, and let's face it, the conversation that is evoked from the fermented grape truth serum, is a sure formula to have guests asking for the next scheduled event. Veterans of these gatherings will tell you that despite the basic elements that drive success, there are a few things to remember. . . . keep reading

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