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Can you taste the price of wine?
April 10, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
This past weekend I hosted a wine tasting party with neighborhood friends. Using the Prince and the Pauper theme, I was not disappointed about the range of likes and dislikes that wine consumers exhibit as they swirl, sniff, swish, spit and or swallow. . . . keep reading

The 7 types of Wine Shoppers
March 27, 2014 Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
Spending time at one of the largest wine stores in the United States, and being retired from the world of people management, it was only logical that I developed a sort of Myers-Briggs for wine shoppers. While in no way supported by actual scientific data, I do find that consumers fall into one of seven categories, and I derive a perverse sense of fun trying to correctly categorize them at a distance of 20 paces. So with a bit of tongue and cheek, and at the risk of sounding snobbish (not intended) here are my seven most common types of wine shoppers. . . . keep reading

Wine Tasting - Go Horizontal!
In my interactions with consumers I often hear comments like "all wine tastes the same to me", or "I can't taste any difference, so I just buy the cheap stuff". Well, there might be some truth to these observations, but the fact of the matter is, anyone with a sense of smell can learn to differentiate between wines. If you can tell the difference between the smell of asparagus and butterscotch you're good to go with wine tasting. And, I suggest go horizontal. . . . keep reading

Viognier - To the brink and back
March 6, 2014
Viognier (pronounced Vee-on-yay) is a white wine grape variety that traces its ancestral roots to Croatia. Like so many Vitis Vinifera, Viognier's recent history rests with the wine regions of France, specifically the Northern Rhone, and the Appellation d'Origine Controlee of Condrieu. Here, for centuries, Viognier was the grape of choice, and this difficult to grow variety flourished. . . . keep reading

Rhône Valley - Home of the Pope?
The Rhône Valley bisects the southeastern part of France from Lyons in the north where it joins the Saône River, until it empties into the Mediterranean south of Avignon. Arguably one of the most prestigious wine producing regions in the world, the Rhône Valley is second only to Bordeaux in the production of AOC-level wine. . . . keep reading

In the north of Portugal, two of the most famous Denominaçâo de Origem Controladas (DOC) reside in the Duriense Vinho Regional (VR). Along the Douro River, flowing east from Spain to the Atlantic Ocean, vintners in Porto and Douro have crafted wines prized the world over for centuries. . . . keep reading

Wine Review - Moscato - How Sweet it is
2011 Simply Naked Moscato
In this week's wine tasting review we take on one of the easiest aspects of tasting -- the detection of sweetness, or more correctly residual sugar in a wine. Sweet is one of the few sensory observations that we actually "taste" as opposed to "smell" when tasting a wine. And, as we'll see, the two are often intertwined. . . . keep reading

Wine Review - Acidity at its best
2013 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
In this wine review we explore acidity, the naturally occurring taste that results from the presence of small quantities of tartaric, malic, succinic and other acids in grapes. Additional acids can be found in wine as the result of vinification practices -- malolactic fermentation for example converts malic acid to lactic acid, and occasionally a winemaker may add citrus acid to increase the total acidity of a wine, although this practice is considered unsuitable for quality wines. Acids are valuable in the production and aging of wine, and perhaps most importantly in bringing the flavor aromas alive. . . . keep reading

Burgundy (Bourgogne)
One fourth the size of Bordeaux, Burgundy is no less famous. Some of the world's best and most expensive wines hail from the five sub-regions that comprise Burgundy. According to sales data the wine with the highest average sales price is Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, a Pinot Noir from the Cote de Nuits region of Burgundy that averages over $10,000 per bottle! . . . keep reading

Wine Review - Understanding Oak
2012 R.H. Phillips Toasted Head Chardonnay
In our first article we start with a common element of many wines -- oak aging. Many wines, both red and white are aged in wooden barrels, most often made from oak. This is done so that the barrels impart flavors to the wine. Aging may be done in oak barrels made from France, the United States, eastern European countries, or most any part of the world. . . . keep reading

Wines to Grapes - France the Loire Valley
Often wonder what grape varieties are used to make a wine labeled by region, AOC, DOCG or Chateau? In this third of a series we begin our exploration into one of the most complex countries when it comes to understanding wine labels -- France. . . . keep reading

The Wine Business Year in Review - Fascinating, Surprising, and even a little Strange
December 26, 2013
If you want some interesting stories to take to your next wine tasting event or holiday party read on. This collection of facts, stories and vignettes all occurred in the world of wine in 2013. Well-known to wine enthusiasts, most of what follows failed to make world headlines. . . . keep reading

South Africa - The Nelson Mandela Legacy
With the passing this week of anti-Apartheid revolutionary turned President Nelson Mandela, tributes abound talking to the strength and courage of thi . . . keep reading

Wine Ratings Season - Does Anyone Care?
Brian Gurnham Chief Cork Officer
With the release this week of the Wine Spectator's Top 100 wines of 2013, the end of the year wine ratings season is officially underway.  Alread . . . keep reading

Hawke's Bay - Excellence from Isolation
Hawke's Bay - Excellence from IsolationLying out in the Pacific Ocean 900 miles to the southeast of Australia, New Zealand was one of the last lands to be inhabited by humans. Its remoteness on the globe lends insight into the unique and varied climate and topography that developed there for millennia. Indeed, the two islands that comprise New Zealand are marked by stark contrasts. . . . keep reading

France - Birthplace of Wine
France - Birthplace of WineAny discussion of wine must include the role of the French in evolving wine making whether from the early influence of Christian monks to the establishment of the world's dominant wine quality codification scheme. No single country has had more influence on the wine industry than France. . . . keep reading

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