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Wine Study Program - Level 1 Plonk

Coined by the British as the label for the most ordinary of wine, after completing the Plonk level you will have a firm grasp of Plonk when you taste it! In this study program you will learn about the most common grape varieties, basic wine making techniques, the largest wine producing regions in the world, tasting wine, and oh yes, host your first wine tasting party. You will also begin to develop your own wine profile.


Wine Tasting
Grape Varieties
Each of the wines below are one of the most common "International" grape varieties.
Red Wines
White Wine
  • Chardonnay - This interactive course covers the basics about Chardonnay. You will learn about where Chardonnay grapes are grown, the myriad of styles, and a variety of interesting, fun facts about Chardonnay.
  • Sauvignon Blanc -  The unassuming star
Wine Regions
Wine Glossary

Level 1 - Plonk Glossary

Level 1 - Plonk Quiz

Test your understanding of the articles and courses in the Plonk Program of Study by taking this 20 question quiz

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